How do I record on an iPhone or iPad?




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    I find recording a video on my MacBook Air using iMovie as well as on my iPhone 4 (I know...OLD!) with facetime camera results in poor image quality. 

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    I just submitted a video that was recorded on my iPhone.  I followed the directions above, but the video is still upside down on the website.


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    ArtistWorks Customer Service

    The next time you record, try flipping it over. Some iPhones work the opposite of the directions above. Just keep experimenting and you'll get it.

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    I recorded a video on my kindle fire and it flipped. Thoughts?
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    Happy 4th,

    I was going to record a video on my iPad this afternoon but got confused as to the orientation.  According to your instructions you are saying to have the record button on the left for the iPad with the camera on the right.  Are you talking about the "Home Button" on the iPad as the record button on the camera will always be on the right unless you lock the orientation of the iPad?

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    I recorded on my iPad but it would not down load to send.  Any suggestions?

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